Dental Practice Y. Hangx St. Julian’s radiant smile

Corporate Design — Website

The former village school building is now the dental office of St. Julian. Since 2015, it has been operated by Ysbrand Hangx. Today, he smiles wider than his patients thanks to a well-thought out and friendly new image.

A personal logo, bright inviting colors, and a crisp design give the office a representative and welcoming appearance. The stationary is high quality white paper of a pleasant thickness. The business cards are 540 g/sqm – almost twice as thick as usual – and, with color border, they have a nice look and feel in the hand. An appointment pad completes the set of printed materials for the office.

Dentist Y. Hangx stationery / business card
Dentist Y. Hangx business card
Dentist Y. Hangx business card

The website provides all the things a patient wants and includes a summary of the most important information right on the homepage. The spacious layout seamlessly adjusts to any screen size and guides the user to the shortest route to the destination. We built the site on the basis of a content management system to allow the office team to implement updates so the most current content is always available. website icons mobile version