Chiropraktor Dr. Schwab Strengthening your back

Corporate Design

Chiropractors like Dr. Schwab do not treat the symptoms of joint and back pain – they explore and eliminate the cause. The origins of this treatment can be traced back to an American caretaker in the 19th century.

Bildmarke Chriopraktik Schwab

The basis of Dr. Schwab‘s business package is formed by the interlocking arches – representing at once the human spine while also symbolizing the complex and profound healing effect of chiropractic care.

The chiropractic profession was founded by D. D. Palmer in the latter part of the 19th century when he cured his caretaker, Harvey Lillard, of a hearing disability by adjusting a displaced vertebra in the neck. Chiropractic philosophy reached Germany from the USA in the 1920’s. The practice includes various techniques to restore the interaction between the body and the nervous system and strives to activate the self-healing powers of the body.