Viva la Rezolution

We are Rezo

Rezo is an office for Corporate Design and Digital Media.
We understand people and business and we create solutions that bring them together: with strategic ability, passion, and the highest standards of aesthetic quality.

We design and develop attractive and responsive websites, corporate appearances, web applications and are consulting about web technologies.

Our Expertise

We are living in a mobile age.

Good brands create sustainable trust and act as a guide for the long-term – but consistency means change. Together with our clients, we critically analyze brands, align them, and give them razor-sharp focus. This is how we add to your value.

We develop custom projects so that they reach your target audience in their natural environment – regardless of whether at home or on the go, with their hands or with a mouse.

New devices and channels mean new touchpoints between people and brands. We create consistent appearances and experiences across all media channels.